Any Intrest?

Hey everyone!

I've been cycling through all my communities, and have found a very profound lack of Moonlight communities still going. I miss my icontests, and other outlets, and am wondering if any of YOU are feeling the same.

So, do we want to resurrect the community - a drabble (100 words exactly) contest, put up every 2 weeks - or should we stay "closed"?

Let me know if any of you would be interested in participating, because I am more then willing to restart this com! I just need to know I am not the only one feeling the lack of the lovely couple we so loved!

All comments are screened.. don't be shy!

Challenge #11: First Prize Winners

First off, I'd like everyone to welcome our new Mod - anangelfalls. Together we will lead the challenges, random postings, and moderate the blood fest, ya know, should Josef come by and get a bit agressive!

Second, anangelfalls and I have decided to bring back the challenges! Whoot! And since SciFi has picked up or beloved vamp, we hope to bring more people into the writing world! We may be watching the same season over and over, but can you ever get enough of the Vamps? No, didn't think so!

So, in honor of reviving the challenges, and the com as a whole, we are going to bring back Challeng 11, but instead of doing the Song Challenge, we are revisiting past winners to bring out the best of the best!

For random sake, and because voting would be very bias, I have split the challenges into two catagories we have used, Genre and Theme. Under each are the first place winners of each round, put in random order. If it's yours, for pete's sake don't vote for it! If you do, because you don't remember, I'll try my best to remind you. :)

Vote for the top three in each catagory, so 3 for Genre and 3 for Theme. So in the end, we will have the top 3 winners of each catagory!

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Voting will end on February, Wednesday 11 at midnight, CST. Happy voting and good luck!
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[Mod-Post] Stepping down, can anyone step up?

Due to the fact that my personal life is really hitting me hard these days (you really don't wantneed to know), I've alerted chris4short of the fact that I am stepping down as a maintainer, but of course, will always be here as a supportive member. chris4short has agreed to take the reins, but I *know* her to be just as busy as I am if not more (well, definitely more) so I would feel infinitely better about this if someone volunteered to carry the weight with her.

For the moment, I'll remain a maintainer (and infinitely, if you let me) in case there is ever a time you need a back-up mod or if my life allows me to contribute in any way I can.

Until then, I'm debating whether or not to allow posting access for all members (regardless of whether or not they have requested writer's tags) so I can make it easier for Chris and any coming mod, but since this is no longer my responsibility, I'll let Chris decide.

Also, because of this, the challenges will be on a permanent hiatus until Chris can decide whether to re-open it again. A community like this is really not something you should run on your own, so please, if you'd like for this community to run as smoothly (or maybe even better) as it did before, feel free to volunteer and help her out!
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Extention: Challenge #11 - Prompt: "Full of Grace" Sarah McLachlan (Song Theme)

As of today we have exactly two (2) entries. We need ATLEAST one (1) more to get the voting started... SO.. in my executive decision... I will extend the challenge to

Wednesday, July 30 at 11:59pm

So if you don't know the song, I have uploaded it here. Also the lyrics are here if that's easier for you to follow! I make it easy for muses to be tickled... trust me, mine was finally working when I got the song... go figure.

Sumbit your drabbles here!
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Submit your Drabbles: Challenge #11 - Prompt: "Full of Grace" Sarah McLachlan (Song Theme)

You can now submit your drabbles for the 11 challenge Prompt: "Full of Grace" Sarah McLachlan (Song Theme) HERE!

We'll stop accepting Submissions on Friday at 11:59PM, July 25th, according to the Central Time Zone: GMT/UTC - 05:00 hour
note the time change!! I changed it for my time zone, not Ani's so technically giving you one more hour

Make sure your drabble has exactly 100-250 words or else we can't accept it.

All comments will be screened.

I am sorry I got this up late. Life, work, school, finding out I passed my teaching exam... oh and having interviews, hasn't made my brain work better.
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Challenge #11 Announcement - Prompt: "Full of Grace" Sarah McLachlan (Song Theme)

Do not comment on this entry with your drabble, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. This week's challenge is to come up with a drabble inspired or based on this song: "Full of Grace - Sarah McLachlan". I was planning to make the song available for listening through a temporary link, but my dial-up is making that near impossible, so at the moment I can't, but will try to accomplish it somehow.

You don't have to follow the words of the lyrics piece by piece for your drabble, as I said, it can be BASED on the song or INSPIRED by it. The direction you take is up to you as long as it has the essence/basic meaning of the song. In the end, it's not up to me to decide whether it's qualified or not, but to the people who vote for it.

The Word Count Special: It can be exactly 100 words *or* it can be more, but it cannot exceed the 250 wordcount. Anything under 100 or above 250 will not be accepted. Make sure it's Mick/Beth in some shape or form, we really don't care about the how! It's all up to you! Good luck writing!

Due Date: You'll be able to submit your drabbles on the 19th and have until the 25th (11:59PM) to do so, giving you PLENTY of time to come up with a good one!

Notice of Absence: After the 18th (or 19th, still pending) I will be away on a 'vacation' of sorts so chris4short will be handling the community in full (as if she doesn't already have enough to do *guilt trip*)
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The Winners of the 10th Challenge Are... (With Banners)

As you can guess, this entry comes without banners because I just tallied up the winners and haven't even sent Chris the report yet :-P so be patient on that, please!

In any case, thank you so much for participating and voting on this challenge, it is very much appreciated!

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Thank you so much for participating guys, and congrats to those who won! Hope you try again next time!